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First Aid Courses for Scuba Divers

Whether it is being on the scene of an accident or witnessing a health-related emergency, most people will be involved in a crisis at some point in their lives. Are you prepared to help? Do you have the skills to respond quickly?

Developed by medical experts, DAN’s courses are easy to understand and designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to respond in emergency situations. DAN first aid courses prepare divers to manage injuries related to scuba diving. All courses meet the 2010 ILCOR and AHA CPR guidelines. The training can also extend to other environments. Isn’t it worth a few hours one evening or weekend to learn the skills that could save a life?

Developed by Dive Medicine Physicians and Scuba Diving Educators
Is diving a part of your job or volunteer duties?

The Diving First Aid for Professional Divers (DFA Pro) course is aimed at commercial, professional, scientific divers and aquarium staff and volunteers and meets the 2010 Guidelines for Resuscitation & OSHA.

The course is comprised of information from the Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries, Neurological Assessment, First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries and CPR HCP plus Bloodborne pathogens.

DAN Insurance Programs

Insurance exists to protect us against unpredictable expenses. We insure our cars, our homes, our health and our valuables. Doesn't it make sense to insure yourself against the unexpected while you enjoy your favorite recreational activity?

DAN provides access to different insurance plans to meet the individual needs of DAN Members.

Only DAN Members can get DAN insurance, so join today!

DAN Research: Shaping the Future of Dive Safety Today's research forms tomorrow's standards. DAN Research plays an important role in gaining understanding of diving issues and, in turn, shaping dive safety guidelines to make the sport safer for everyone.

For decades, DAN Research has conducted valuable studies on topics of safety and interest to divers. DAN researchers have investigated surface intervals for divers who plan to fly after diving, the effects of aging on dive health, the medical advisability of diving with insulin-requiring diabetes, as well as well as general dive safety. Conducted both in and out of the laboratory, there are even opportunities for divers to take part.

But it's not enough for research to be done; what's learned must be shared. DAN Research does just that in a variety of ways, including publications and the DAN Annual Diving Report.

DAN Research also hosts workshops and conferences in which other industry experts are invited to come together to share knowledge and discuss ideas. Though any interested person is welcome to attend a workshop, DAN Research makes downloadable presentations and proceedings available for those who can't make it.

For those who wish to continue their education even further, DAN Research offers a selection of online seminars on topics of interest to divers, including decompression illness and ear issues.

But DAN Research doesn't stop at educating the divers of today; it also works to support and develop the researchers of tomorrow through the DAN Internship Program. Each year it encourages young minds interested in the areas of dive medicine and research.

Research is an integral part of DAN's mission and is supported by membership dues, research grants and donations. Support the efforts of DAN Research and donate to DAN today.
DAN Education DAN Education fulfills a key element of the DAN Mission by educating the diving public and the medical profession on the appropriate care for divers injured in dive accidents. This education takes on many forms, disseminating information on topics related to dive safety through articles, reports, seminars, lectures and training programs.
DAN Medical Information

DAN's medical information and emergency assistance services exist to serve the diving community. Staffed by medically trained diving professionals, our physicians, paramedics and emergency medical technicians are here to provide medical information, referrals and evacuation assistance. In addition, our members benefit from the medical support provided by diving and hyperbaric physicians at the University of California at San Diego and the University of Pennsylvania.

In an emergency situation, please call 911 or your local emergency services provider number. If you think you might be experiencing decompression illness, please call the 24-hour DAN Emergency Hotline at +1-919-684-9111.
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