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Future Buddies Club

Join Connecticut Scuba Academy's Future Buddies Club, a special club modeled after SDI's own Future Buddies certification course. This fun and educational program offers children from 8 years old to 11 an opportunity to take to the deep (not to deep) and learn to explore a whole new world.
The cost may very dependent on the facility we use. The average cost to participate is $100 pp for the first two pool sessions total of 6 to 8 hours of pool time then $30 pp every session after that. The sessions will last approximately 3-4 hours and will include equipment, pool side class and underwater activity's like treasure hunts, problem solving, exploration, scientific experiments all the while learning about;
1. History of Diving
2. The Aquatic Environment
    a. Marine environment
    b. Marine life
3. Physics and Physiology
    a. Buoyancy
    b. Pressure
    c. Air spaces
    d. Equalization techniques
    e. Lung over-expansion problems
4. Breathing air under pressure
5. Scuba Equipment
   a. Mask, fins and snorkel
   b. Exposure protection
   i. Wetsuits
   c. Buoyancy compensator device (BCD)
   d. Regulator
   i. Primary regulator
   ii. Alternate air source
   e. Cylinders
   f. Weight systems
   g. Underwater instruments
   i. Submersible pressure gauge
   ii. Dive computers
   iii. Depth gauges

The skills you children will learn while playing:
1. Weight system adjustment with proper weighting
2. Pre-dive check of self and buddy
3. Mask clearing; partial
4. Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) use
   a. Inflation using low pressure inflator and deflation, at the surface
5. Buoyancy Control
   a. Controlled ascents and descents
6. Regulator use
7. Underwater swimming; proper use of fins
8. Use of gauges
9. Underwater communications In order to complete this course, students must:
10. Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning
and execution.
We also teach some DAN CPR techniques and have the kids work with each other on things like tired diver tows, buddy entanglements, Air lifting objects off the pool bottom and blindfold searches.
We know it can be difficult to find activities that are physical and educational that can hold a child's interest and even while competing with Video games, we just want you to know WE GOT THIS!
Once the kids are old enough they can then apply for a Junior Open water Certification through CT Scuba Academy if they have completed the necessary skills.
We will be holding the club meetings at different locations around CT so check our calendar to find the next meeting just look for FBC times and locations on our calendar and send us an email with the number of participants to [email protected] or send us a message with our contact link.
If you or your club has a pool and you're interested in hosting a Future Buddies club email or message us.